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You love Kpop songs and tend to sing them proudly in front of the computer? Want to show everybody your love? Then join us sharing the lyrics with all the Kpop fans in the world!

How to Post?

  1. to be more official, we have our own format.
  2. all the picture for the artist who sang the song that you would like to post must be at the top of the post and must be centered.
  3. all picture have uploaded. you just need to choose from media gallery ( Add Media >> Media Library )then type the name of the artist on the search form.
  4. when you selected the picture, please do click ‘Use as Featured Image’ first before click ‘Done’.
  5. now, you can write/paste the lyrics (align left) below the picture.

simple, only 5 steps.


What are you waiting for? Fill in below Questions and submit as comment so that we can add you as the author!

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Favourite Song:

You must have a WordPress.com account first before you submit you application. So, please sign up at WordPress.com.

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